Over the course of his career Thomson has consistently developed a look characterised as a delicate blend of European tradition and universal modernism, his work fusing together a combination of styles and periods. Whilst tending to lean towards a traditional British approach, his constant travels and in-depth understanding of how different nationalities live have brought about a distinctive look to his interiors.Originally from the United Kingdom, Thomson studied in England and Germany as well as the Middle East. Following graduation from the University of Durham, he spent two years working in Dubai before moving to Sydney where under the tutelage of the esteemed US decorator, Thomas Hamel, he honed his style. Four years later Thomson returned to the UK to launch his own design firm.

Drawing on his nomadic heritage, Thomson is a master of many styles and utilises his wide-ranging design knowledge to effortlessly translate the tastes and aspirations of his clients into extraordinary residences. To date, his assignments have included harbour-side properties in Sydney, a beach house in Muscat, a mews house in London and a listed mansion in Sussex. Thomson divides his time between London and Hampshire.